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Majlis Sheffield – A cheque presentation in Penistone on 18th January 2016

Majlis Sheffield – A cheque presentation in Penistone on 18th January 2016

Penistone is a small market town in South Yorkshire and lies in between Sheffield and Huddersfield. The Mayor of Penistone Town Council, Councillor Andrew Millner, was contacted by Mr Arif Ahmad, Northern Co-ordinator for Charity Presentations. He was delighted to accept the donation of £500 for his chosen charity, Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and local Penistone Charities.

The presentation of the donation to Mr Mayor and Lady Mayoress was arranged at Penistone Town Hall prior to the full Town Council Meeting on the evening of 18 January 2016.

The party, comprising the Majlis Ansarullah’s Local Leader for Sheffield, Dr Mahmud Sajid, Regional Missionary North-East, Mr Quasir Malik, Mr Arif Ahmad and two ladies from the Community met and presented Mr Mayor and Madam Mayoress with the cheque for £500, a copy of the English Translation of the Holy Quran (with commentary), a copy of the book Life of Muhammad and a copy of World Crisis and Pathway to Peace.

Following the presentation the party met the Town Councillors and members of the public who were present for the Council Meeting. Each of the 15 Town Councillors of Penistone were also presented with a copy of Life of Muhammad,World Crisis and The Pathway to Peace and a letter from the Local Leader giving a brief introduction about the Community.

A short address was given by Mr Arif Ahmad to The Town Council about the charitable activities of Majlis Ansarullah and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. In addition the purpose behind the donation, that is, to support small, local charities was also explained.

The function was covered by the local newspaper, The Barnsley Chronicle, and one of the Town Councillors present, Councillor Wayne Chadburn, also published an extensive article on his blog titled – “The Ahmaddi should be lauded not persecuted”. In this article he stated that “They asked for absolutely nothing yet gave such a lot.”

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