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Tarbiyyat (Moral Training)

“O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is men and stones, over which are appointed angels, stern and severe, who disobey not Allah in what He commands them and do as they are commanded.” (66:07)



Tarbiyyat is a very delicate ,sensitive and painstaking task. We need to proceed with special prayers and humbleness for the Tarbiyyat of our brothers. Zaeem should try to activate Muntazim Tarbiyyat and Saiqeen system to enable himself to approach all Ansar brothers.

Monthly meeting:

Summary of the book, “Ten conditions of Baiat” should be presented by any Amla member in general meetings. Every month one or two conditions of Bait may be presented.
After every meeting, Muntazim Tarbiyyat should contact the absent Ansar brothers and request them politely to try and attend the next meeting. There should be a system at the local level to analyze how absentees should be contacted and how attendance may be improved. 

Tarbiyyat Quarterly Report form:

Quarterly reports should be filled properly and fully with accurate figures. If any explanation is required, please use the separate sheets. It should be sent on prescribed Quarterly report form (revised 2015) in January, April, July and October. It should be filled out after inquiring from all Ansar. It should be sent with the monthly report form.

List of less active Ansar: 

This list should be sent with quarterly reports in January, April, July and October.  Please try to minimize the number of Ansar in this list by making them more active with the help of your senior members, president, Murabbi sahib etc. Please let us know if any assistance from center is required in this regard.

Salat Awareness day:

Please fix at least one day each month as Salat awareness day. All Ansar should be informed and reminded about the importance of the congregational prayer. Report should be taken from each and every Nasir.

Tarbiyyat forums:

All Majalis should organize 2 Tarbiyyat forums in a year. Each Region should hold 1 Tarbiyyat forum in a year.

The following topics have been chosen for these forums.

  1. Responsibility of Ansarullah for the defense of the institution of Khilafat.
  2. Responsibility of Ansarullah for the pledge of giving precedence to faith over worldly matters.
  3. Responsibilities of Majlis Ansarullah for the establishment of congregational prayers in Mosques/ Salat centers.

Amila Members as a role model:

In every month, one week’s Congregational Salat report should be sent to center with your monthly report form.

  • Importance of watching MTA and listening to the Friday Sermon.
  • Emphasis should be made to all Ansar to watch MTA 
  • Ansar should be encouraged to listen to the Friday sermons of Huzoor-e- Aqdas atba  regularly.