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Majlis Burton, ”Holy Qur’an Exhibition” on 3rd May 2015 in Tutbury Village.

Majlis Burton, ”Holy Qur’an Exhibition” on 3rd May 2015 in Tutbury Village.

Burton Ansarullah selected the Village of Tutbury near Burton-Upon-Trent, a village famous for and noted for its castle. Tutbury Castle is a largely ruined medieval castle and in the ownership of the Duchy of Lancaster. It is a Grade I listed building;

  • Burton on Trent Ansarullah conducted a concerted campaign of leafleting for over 8 months in Tutbury.
  • A significant proportion of the village has been covered under the 10% leafletting campaign.
  • On Saturday 25th April the Local Village Hall was booked to hold an Islamic exhibition on the Sat 16th May 2015. The hall was booked for a period of 2.5 hours at a nominal fee of £23.75.
  • Ansarullah Burton felt it would be good thing to invite Lajna to also participate in the exhibition and hold their own separate but connected exhibition. Accordingly a separate room manned by the Lajna was also hired.
  • On Sunday 26th April over 100 invitation flyers for the Islamic Exhibition were distributed during a Tutbury fair in the village. The fair was conducted in accordance with village bye laws and had been held after over a hundred years gap. Burton Ansar distributed the flyers during this historic village fair.

Flyers prepared and distributed by Ansarullah Burton on Trent, inviting to Exhibition.

  • Ansarullah held a tabligh stall during the following week, 3rd May 2015 in the High Street, Tutbury. 120 flyers inviting to the Islamic Exhibition were also distributed to households in the village.
  • Ansarullah held a meeting in which the details of the Exhibition were discussed and planned on the Wednesday 6th May.
  • The Plan was to exhibit/show Holy Qur’an, books of Hadith, Islamic artwork, clothes, headwear etc. Pop up Banners giving the message of Islam should be displayed but as discussed the exhibition should be giving an opportunity for people to experience dimensions beyond faith such as the rich art, calligraphy and cultural impacts on the world.

12 English Guests

  • 12 packs were given to the guests/visitors, which included FAQs, leaflets and 2 books;

‘Pathway to Peace’ & ‘Life of Muhammad’.

Guests and visitors although few in number enjoyed the cordial atmosphere and the exhibition. They all said that if a similar function was to be held they would attend and bring their friends.

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