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Majlis Putney – Eid Street Party on 6th September 2015

Majlis Putney – Eid Street Party on 6th September 2015

After obtaining permission from relevant authorities we invited every household in surrounding streets. Invitations were sent two weeks before the event so that no one misses it due to other commitments. 

On 6th Sep at 9 o clock, the street was blocked with barriers so that street party could start. Slowly, people started to come out of their houses and helped the organisers with setting up gazeboes. Everyone brought their own special food to share with others. It was such an amazing gathering as people were wearing clothes of their own culture and food was of different varieties. Our Majlis presented Asian biryani, samomsa, pakora and raita and everyone liked these dishes a lot.

Old neighbours welcomed their new neighbours and discussed different topics. Everyone praised the organiser for holding such multi-cultural event. The party lasted for about eight hours and everyone helped in winding up.

One person came to our party because of our “Lover for all hatred for none” banner which was displayed outside.

One of an elderly man commented that he has also attended such street parties, under this banner, in Tooting.

One neighbour gifted a tent so that we can organise more events like this.

65 guests attended this party.

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