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Peace Evening Tilford & Aldershot Majalis

Peace Evening Tilford & Aldershot Majalis

Members from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Tilford & Aldershot Majalis and the United Reform Church Farnham met yesterday evening to talk about the traditions of peace and love which are at the heart of both faiths.

After a welcome by The Revd Michael Hopkins, minister of Farnham and Elstead United Reformed Churches the first address was by Dr Rizwan Ullah Khan, Regional President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association for Farnham and Tilford. He spoke about the problem of radicalisation and the importance of social cohesion and that the love, peace and respect taught by true Islam was one reason the Association has never had any instances of radicalisation. He ended his words with a prayer from the Holy Quran.

Revd Hopkins then spoke about how the theology of Christianity and Islam is shared and what the costs of war were. Referring to the Ahmadiyya Muslim motto he said that ‘Love For All and Hatred For None’ is the same teaching that Jesus brought. He also ended with a prayer.

This was followed by a minutes silence and reflection for the victims of terrorism in recent attacks. Afterwards, over tea, members of both congregations took the opportunity to talk about their religions, especially the common aspects. The opportunity to better understand each other’s faith was much appreciated.

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