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Majlis Balham – The Holy Qur’an Exhibition / Q&A session – January 2015

Majlis Balham – The Holy Qur’an Exhibition / Q&A session – January 2015

A discussion programme, Q/A exhibition and a tabligh stall were arranged with Christians, in Mitcham Lane Baptist Church Hall on 25th January 2015.

Thirty one Christians and nearly thirty Ahmadis participated in this function. The Topic of the discussion was ”THE SECOND COMING OF MESSIAH’‘. Murabbi-e-Sisala Mansoor Ahmad Clarke delivered lecture for 30 minutes. He explained the famous signs of second coming of Messiah from Bible, Holy Qur’an & Hadith. Rana Khan Sahib spoke on behalf of the Christians. He tried to explain the signs of second coming of Messiah which are not fulfilled yet e.g., the coming of “Man of God” from heaven on clouds with Angels etc. The Audience asked several questions & both speakers answered. This session continued for about 45 minutes.

The Christian speaker gave a reference of an Inter- faith meeting where a Non Ahmadi Muslim and a Christian speaker criticised the Aḥmadiyyat. The chairman of the conference (a Jew) quoted the reference of The Bible that “The false Prophet will be killed while true will be succeeded” and commented, “Why are you quarrelling? Let God decide!”

The Christian speaker Rana Khan admitted, “My honest opinion is that I am observing the Ahmadiyya Community from my childhood that, they are growing and spreading rapidly”.

Books & literature were gifted to the guests and at the end dinner was served.

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