154. Qa’id Tajneed shall see that each Ahmadi who has attained the age of Ansarullah is included in the Tajneed, (i.e., enrolment).

155. Qa’id Tajneed shall see that complete record of enrolment is maintained and the system of Sa’iqeen (i.e., group leaders) is established in the Majalis.


This is the duty of all office bearers to inform the Tajneed Department of any changes to their membership using the online AMIS System.

Zo’ama are responsible to immediately inform the Tajneed Department of any change in address of any Nasir leaving their Majlis and to provide the new address and telephone numbers.

Please update the AMIS System of any new Nasir joining the Majlis about any new details of a Nasir joining your Majlis.

Send updated Tajneed of your Majlis on Quarterly bases to Markaz.

A “Sa’iq” should be appointed for every 10 Ansãr in the Majlis.

Hold minimum one Sa’iqeen meeting in a month.

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