Location: Church of St Mark’s, near Burton Mosque
Event Date: March 2024

Alhamdulillah, members of the Burton Majlis recently visited the nearby Church of St Mark’s, fostering a spirit of community and mutual respect between neighbors. This visit underscores our commitment to building positive relationships with local institutions and promoting interfaith dialogue.

A Warm Welcome

We were warmly welcomed by Reverend Phillips, a representative of the Church of England. His openness and hospitality made our visit particularly meaningful and paved the way for future interactions.

A Gesture of Friendship

During our visit, we presented Reverend Phillips with a gift and an Eid card as symbols of goodwill. These gestures reflect our desire to connect with our community and share the joyous spirit of Eid.

An Invitation Extended

Furthering our initiative to build bridges, we extended an invitation to the members of St Mark’s to visit our mosque. We are excited about the opportunity to host our new friends and share our traditions and beliefs.

Looking Forward

Inshallah, we will be holding an Eid Party next week, which will be another wonderful opportunity to strengthen our bonds with the Church of St Mark’s and other local communities. We hope to see many new and familiar faces there, celebrating in unity and friendship.

Join Us

We invite all members of the Burton Majlis and our neighbors to join us in these efforts to build a harmonious and inclusive community. Let us come together in celebration and mutual respect.