Date: 21st April
Location: New Burton Mosque

Alhamdulillah, the Burton Majlis was blessed with the opportunity to host the first Regional Amila meeting for the East Midlands Region in the newly acquired Burton Mosque. This event took place during the blessed month of Ramadan, marking a momentous occasion for our community.

Event Overview

The meeting commenced with the Zohar Namaz, setting a spiritual tone for our gathering. After the prayers, attendees enjoyed a communal lunch, which provided a time for fellowship and reflection. The official Regional Amila meeting followed, where various community matters and future initiatives were discussed. The session concluded with the Asr Namaz, rounding off the day with prayer and contemplation.

Special Guests

We were honored to have Nazime Ala Atif Sahib and his Amila join us for this significant event. Their presence added immense value to the discussions and underscored the importance of the meeting.

A Call to Prayer

As we move forward with our initiatives and continue to strengthen our community bonds, we ask everyone to keep Burton Majlis in your prayers. May our efforts be blessed and lead to further growth and success.


Jazakumullah to all the attendees and everyone who played a part in making this event possible. Your ongoing support and dedication are what make our community thrive.

We look forward to hosting more such gatherings that bring us together in faith and fellowship.