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Majlis- Leicester held a Tabligh stall on 25-12-2018

Assalam alaiqum  held yesterday. Despite tge rain we could circulate over 20 leaflets and around 20 greetings. The Messiah has come banner was looked upon …

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Majlis Balham Tabligh activates on 19 & 20-12-2018

VISIT to SCHOOL.  On 20th December Ansarullah Balham went to #HILLBROOK PRIMARY SCHOOL  # with jamaat Greetings cards,Xmas gift, leaflets and Books.  •We explained the” …

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Tabligh Stall organised by Majlis Norbury on 23-12-2018

Tabligh Stall Norbury 23d  December  2018. 150 Leaflets  messiah  has  come and 120 new  year  cards  distributed. One The holly Quran  six books  have been …

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The ”Messiah Has Come” campaign by Norbury held Tabligh Stall on 02-12-2018

Tabligh Stall Norbury 2nd  December  2018. 100 Leaflets  messiah  has  come  distributed. two books have been given. three visit.  BASHARAT ZIRVI  NORBURY

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The ”Messiah Has Come” campaign by Majlis Watford on 18-11-2018

On Sunday 18 November started with silent prayers. Four Ansar brothers took part in today’s stall Waseem sahib Atif sahib Naveed sahib And Mansoor Ahmed …

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The ”Messiah Has Come” campaign by Majlis Tooting Broadway on 13-10-2018

Assalam u Alaikum, Today 13th October 2018,  They arranged 2 stalls at 2 diffrent placecs in warlingham The Green, Warlingham CR6

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