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#MessiahHasCome – Masroor Region in February 2019


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Majlis Mosque held Tabligh coffee morning on 31-01-2019

By the grace of Allah Majlis Mosque held coffee morning on 31 January with neighbors around the mosque. Alhamdullah it was very successful and people …

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Tabligh stalls by majlis West Hill on 03-01-2019

These photos are Two stalls of Majlis Westhill Tahir Region One at Southside Two Ansars participated name Nazar Muhammad Khokhar and Dr Sardar Hamid Sahab …

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Tabligh Stall by Majlis Norbury on 01-01-2019

Tabligh Stall Norbury 1st January  2019. 80 Leaflets  messiah  has  come and 30 new  year  cards  distributed. One The holly Quran  two books  have been …

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Tabligh Stall by Majlis Raynes Park on 01-01-2019

Tabligh Stall Report:                      Majlis Raynes Park         BF REGION          …

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Majlis- Leicester held a Tabligh stall on 25-12-2018

Assalam alaiqum  held yesterday. Despite tge rain we could circulate over 20 leaflets and around 20 greetings. The Messiah has come banner was looked upon …

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