• Assalam alaiqum

    Alhamdolillah we had a successful Tabligh Weekend ;

    2 Tabligh Stalls
    1 Village leaflet Distribution
    1 Cheque Presentation
    1 Coffee Morning
    4 Tweets

    See reports below ;

    VILLAGE VISIT – Bubbenhall

    Streets completed
    Lower End
    Spring Hill

    About 40 houses
    knocked on each door

    Invited to the event on 30th April at Leamington Spa mosque- loneliness and isolation and Islamic Exhibition

    1 person said he would come to function
    1 other person might come

    Ansar – Zaffar Bhatti

    TABLIGH STALL – Leamington Spa

    Alhamdolillah we held a second tabligh Stall in Leamington Spa Town Center. This was very successful. We distributed 45 invitations for the @Loneliness and Isolation and Islamic Exhibition event in the 30th March. We also distributed 35 True Islam Leaflets. 9 people came to the stall and we were able to give the message of the Jamat to them. There were many that came and gave their condolences for the attack’s at the Christchurch shootings. They still came even though there was a UKIP Stall there too.

    Three Ansar helped our ; Mohammed Hanif , Mohammed Saleem and Mashood Ahmed


    Alhamdolillah we held a coffee morning at the mosque 🕌 from 11-1 today. We had 6 people come and join us. They had a great look at the exhibition and had a nice chat over a cup of coffee.

    2 Ansar came and helped out : Qaiser Mehmood sb and Zaffar Bhatti sb

    Mohammed Hanif
    Zaim Leamington Spa