Distance: 39.72 mi
Moving Time: 4:12:09


The London Icons Cycle Ride 2023, designated in the Ansarullah National Calendar as an annual event since 2022, was hosted by the Tahir Region this year. By the grace of Allah, 20 cyclists participated in the ride, starting from Fazal Mosque. The day began with a breakfast served from 7:30 am to 8:00 am, followed by a silent prayer led by Hafiz Ijaz Sahib, the respected chair of the AMEA cycling club.


  1. Amir Ahmed – Nasir High Wycombe
  2. Asif Dogar – Noor Deer Park
  3. Ata Qureshi – Masroor Stoneleigh
  4. Ataul Manan Kashif – Baitul Futuh East
  5. Ijaz Ahmad – Tahir Muqami Islamabad
  6. Imran Tayyab – North Paddington
  7. Imran Yusuf – Tahir Clapham Junction
  8. Inam Khan – Tahir Battersea
  9. Mohammad Luqman – Muqami Ash
  10. Musawir Idrees – Muqami Aldershot South
  11. Muzaffar Ahmad – Masroor Worcester Park
  12. Muzaffar Umar Qayyum – Muqami Ansar
  13. Nasser Butt – Baitul Ehsan Sutton
  14. Saeed Zafar – Noor Mitcham
  15. Saleem-ul-Haq Khan – Muqami Bournemouth
  16. Salman Ansari – Baitul Futuh Lower Morden
  17. Saqib Rasheed – Muqami Farnham
  18. Syed Nasir Safeer – Tahir Earlsfield
  19. Waheed Ahmad – Tahir Battersea
  20. Wasim Ahmed – Baitul Ehsan Cheam South

Ride Planning and Route

The planning phase included sharing ride information via WhatsApp through Google Docs and PDF documents. The route was meticulously planned to include historic and iconic landmarks in London:

  • Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park: The ride began with a stop at this beautiful site by the river Thames, home to a statue of the Buddha gifted by a Japanese Buddhist movement’s founder.
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Riders visited the Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, and St Margaret’s Church. The Palace of Westminster, housing the UK Parliament, dates back to the 11th century.
  • Westminster Abbey: Known for coronation
  • s of British monarchs since 1066 and the resting place of 30 kings and queens.
  • Whitehall and Downing Street: The center of the British Government and the Prime Minister’s residence.
  • Cenotaph: The national memorial to the dead of Britain from both World Wars.
  • Victoria Embankment: Home to Cleopatra’s Needle, an ancient obelisk from Egypt.
  • Tower of London: Another UNESCO site, founded in 1066 and built by William the Conqueror.
  • London Wall: Built by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago.
  • Greenwich: The final World Heritage site visited before returning past St Paul’s Church, Trafalgar Square, and Buckingham Palace.

Arrangements and Food Serving

All funds for the ride, including breakfast, snacks, and lunch, were raised by individuals from the Tahir Region. The breakfast included boiled eggs, croissants, corn flakes, milk/tea, bananas/apples, and bread/butter/jam. Snack packs with energy bars and dates were provided for the ride.

Special Acknowledgements:

  • Donors & Food Team: Ataul Aleem, Waqar uz Zaman, Mudassar Rehman, Sohail Ahmad, Labeeq Ahmad, Ali Waqas, Imran Yusuf, Sh Naeem.
  • Special thanks to Imran Yusuf (Ride Organizer and Logistics) and Inaam Ullah Khan (Tour Guide).

Lunch at Battersea Power Station

A hearty lunch was served, including Haleem, chicken, sweet rice, naan bread, and water/soft drinks. The food was so inviting that even passers-by joined and enjoyed the meal.


Tahir Region extends heartfelt thanks and congratulations to all participants, donors, and volunteers for their generosity and support, making the London Icons Cycle Ride 2023 a memorable and successful event. JazakAllah Ansanul Jaza, Ameen.