Majlis Balham Tabligh activates on 19 & 20-12-2018

On 20th December Ansarullah Balham went to #HILLBROOK PRIMARY SCHOOL  # with jamaat Greetings cards,Xmas gift, leaflets and Books. 
•We explained the” Birth of JESUS ” in the light of Holy Quan and Bible. 
•Alhamdolillah  Head teacher and school staff were very happy and really appreciated the Ahmaddiya Muslim community and pray for our Holyness. 
May Allah accept our humble work and enable us to fulfill our obligations and gain the pleasure of Allah . Ameen Allah Huma Ameen
# Visit to charity House #
On 19th December Ànsarullah Balham visited to #Ronald Mcdonald Charity House #
•We bring Food and jamaat literature .
We explain the Moto “Love for all,Hatred for none “and true Islam teaching. 
•We gave the jamaat Greetings cards as well .
Charity House staff was very happy ànd pray for our Ahmadiya Muslim community. May Allah accept our humble work in the way of tabligh.Ameen.
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