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Majlis Cardiff – Tabligh Activities – 2015

Majlis Cardiff – Tabligh Activities – 2015

The response of general public is evident from following accounts.

A young English boy while going through on-display literature showed his happiness & satisfaction over message of peace but said that Muslims normally do not act for peace but you are good.

  • An old lady came to the stall and discussed about books. She was old resident of Bristol and was happy to see our efforts. She asked that how many community members are there in Bristol. When we answered that they are more than a 100 and living there for more than half decade then she said “Why I have never seen you and any stall like that before”.
  • A Christian man came to the stall and said “I am a Christian but you are doing well. Best of Luck and Assalam-o-Alaikum”.
  • One Jewish young man appreciated the efforts of our beloved Hudhur ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیزfor peace when we offered him ‘World Crisis and the Pathway to Peace’. He said “we are also struggling for peace and whole world needs that”.
  • A British came to our stall and after reading titles of the book and little discussion with stall members, he happily said that “This effort is good and can bring good results for communities. My best wishes are with you”.
  • An old lady visited the stall and said that “I am a Christian but I like the way you are trying to educate people and I will pray for you. Best of luck”.
  • A Muslim man from Syria came to our stall and said that “This message should be given to Arab countries then it can stop the crisis there”.
  • A Muslim man came to our stall and discussed about the books. He took two copies of books and said that “I do not know English but I will share it with my friends because I think I should also help you to spread this message of peace”.

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