Majlis Clapham Organised Peace Exhibition “United Against Extremism” at Edenbridge Town Council, Kent held on Saturday 26 November 2016

Peace Exhibition “United Against Extremism” at Edenbridge Town Council, Kent held on Saturday 26 November 2016

Initially Majlis Clapham decided to have a Tabligh Event on Remembrance Day 13 November at the village but as the hall was only available on26 November, we booked the hall with prior permission of Qaid Tabligh for a Peace Exhibition. Invitation cards were sent via email/post to Chairman Town council, all Councillors, Head teacher, all local charities, study groups, clubs and 750 copies were distributed in the village over three visits and holding stalls at the Weekly Market and on High Street.

A delegation from the Majlis had a meeting with Chairman Council and other staff. A short presentation was given to them. They already knew about the Community as we had been holding stalls and distributing leaflets for the last one year. Chairman confirmed his attendance at the event.

On the day of event people started arriving half an hour before given time. In total, 25 guests attended the Exhibition included Mr Stuart McGregor, Chairman Town Council, Primary School Headteacher, members of Study Group, district councillor etc.

Dr Mansoor Saqi Sahib, Naib Sadr Majlis, presided the meeting. After the Recitation of Holy Quran, an introduction was given by Naeem Siddiq Sahib followed by an 11 minute video presentation. There was speech of Tahir Khalid Sahib, Murabbi-e-Silsila, on the topic then the audience were given opportunity to ask questions during the Question & Answer session. The Council Chairman also addressed the event and the meeting was concluded with silent prayer. Guests were served with lunch. Feedback forms were circulated and received with excellent comments.

Ansar participation: 14 Ansar took part in organising the event including two African brothers. Three office bearers from Centre, two from the Region, four Lajna and 3 children also participated.

Special thanks to Tabligh Department, Central and Regional Office bearers and Tahir Khalid Sahib, Missionary.


  1. “Very interesting presentation giving me a valuable insight into your work, your ethos and the teachings of the Quran. I applaud your dedication to spread the message of peace into other communities and to show the “gentle” face of Islam”. Brian Swift
  2. “We have enjoyed your meeting very much. The expiation of “Ahmadiyya” was much appreciated and well explained.” Lynn Swift
  3. “It was an interesting presentation and I learnt a lot. It’s a shame there were not more people attending. Perhaps we could look forward to having a Multi Faith service in the town”. Jacky Hintze

Naeem Ahmed, Zaeem Ansarullah Majlis Clapham

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