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Majlis Kingston hosts an Eid Reception – July 2016

Majlis Kingston hosts an Eid Reception – July 2016

Ansarullah Kingston hosted over 230 people. 140 Guests from various ethnicities including Japanese, English, African and South Asians at a dinner to mark the end of the holy month of Ramadhan, in Kingston Guildhall on Saturday the 9th July 2016.


The dinner was attended among others by the Mayors and Mayoresses of Kingston and Runnymede council, their deputies, MP James Berry, Rev. Amanda Becky of St John’s church Kingston Vale, Rob Marrett Met police Kingston, Sea cadets, Fire brigade, charities, Head teachers, councillors, former Mayors, Councillor Arora and Mrs Kawesa, the Uganda High Commissioner’s representative.

 The dinner was preceded by an exhibition which attracted several charities, Sea cadets and the fire brigade. The event started at 6pm and concluded at 9pm. Speaker after speaker called for harmony in the community, unity and cooperation with particular reference to the recently concluded referendum, though Kingston borough had no major incidents registered.


They also reiterated the glowing contribution of the Kingston Ahmadies and Ahmadiyya Muslim Association on the whole in supporting local charities and the community, citing examples of the Ahmadi youth efforts in assistance to flood victims across the country, cleaning the town centre of Kingston and New Malden on new year’s day and on the occasion of Her Majesty’s birthday celebrations.


Love Kingston representative, Ms Lorrain thanked the community and Ahmadiyya Muslim Association in particular for their support. She highlighted the ever growing need for philanthropy and thus appealed for an intensified donation campaign.

The Mayor of royal borough of Kingston, Councillor Austin Geoff also called for cooperation, unity and peace in the borough, applauded the spirit of Ahmadi Muslims in forging unity and cooperation which is reflective of their motto of ‘Love for all hatred for none’.


The key note speaker was Imam Ataul Mujeeb Rashed Sahib, who stressed the fact that Islam literally means ‘peace’ and therefore a peaceful religion. He assured the audience that they had nothing to fear from Muslims since it was the duty of every God fearing Muslim to ensure that there was absolute peace and harmony within their communities and with neighbours.

The event concluded with a dinner, exchanging of gifts and a photo session with His Lordship, the Mayor and other dignitaries.


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