Tabligh Eid event Majlis Cheam on 30-06-2018

🎉EID party 🎉 
Majlis:                      Cheam
Region:                    Masroor
When:  Saturday 30 June 
Where: Sutton
Guests:                              34
Children:                            6
Organised Cheam Ansar.
Ahmadiyya Concept of Fasting and Eid Celebration by in Islam by Respected Murabi Tahir Ahmad Khalid sb. About Half An Hour Than Answered of Guests Questions Half an Hour. 
That was very Interesting and Introducing Program. 
At the end was Silent Prayer. 
After that served a Tasteful Lunch to respected Guests. 
All the guests were really happy and had spoken very high words about Islam Ahmadiyya. 
Some of the comments are as follows:
🔅Thank you for sharing your happy moments with as.
🔅I was waiting for your Eid as you always provide us opportunity to sit together and get to know good things about each other and your religion ISLAM.
🔅 Thank you for remembering us and inviting us on your Eid Party and telling us about beautiful teachings of Islam. 
🔅People of your community are good human beings. L
We arranged a stall for free literature of Jamaat. Some guests took intreats and got Leaflets. A few guests Donate Money for Charity Walk For Peace
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