The aim of the organisation is the moral and spiritual training of the members so as to promote the love of God, righteousness, exhorting them to discharge their duties towards the Creator and fellow human beings; promoting and propagating religious knowledge; serving humanity; religious training and education of children, particularly teaching them Namaz and Quran; inculcating obedience to Khilafat and the Jamaat’s administrative setup.

The aims and objectives of the organisation are reflected in the pledge, which every member has to make and repeat in every formal meeting.

In accordance with our constitution, Majlis Ansarullah Silsila ‘Aliya Ahmadiyya shall have the following aims and objects:
a) To organize all the male Ahmadis above the age of forty years in the Silsila ‘Aliya Ahmadiyya
b) To inculcate the following amongst its members:
i. The love of Allah.
ii. The spirit to promote and propagate the teachings of Islam.
iii. The urge to preach Islam and serve mankind.
iv. The spiritual and moral training of children.
v. Self-sacrifice.
vi. The spirit of protecting the institution of Khilāfat.
vii. The spirit of placing collective interests above individual interests.
c) It shall purely be a religious organization having no political interest whatsoever.