142. Qa’id Maal shall organise the assessment of Annual Budget of all the Majalis and shall arrange collection of subscriptions according to this budget.

143. Qa’id Maal shall operate the accounts of the Majlis jointly with the Sadr or Nā’ib Sadr Awwal.

144. Qa’id Maal shall correspond with the Majalis on matters concerning his department.

145. Qa’id Mal shall present the names of members who are defaulters in the payment of subscriptions to the Sadr and take action according to his instructions.

146. Qa’id Mal shall present, the Annual Budget of Majlis Ansarullah Country proposed by Majlis ‘Amila Country, for approval to Majlis Shura Ansarullah.

147. Qa’id Maal shall present the income and expenditure statement before Majlis ‘Amila Country every month.

Useful Information & Forms


The Qiadat is essentially divided in to two sections, income and expenditure. Qaid mall himself manages the income side whereas Additional Qaid Maal focuses specifically on expenditure.

Majlis Ansarullah UK has a deployed a custom developed software application which provides a central management access infrastructure for various entities to manage all income related functions. Entities include Majaalis, Regions and the Centre.

The department encourages the use of the software application thus allowing specific user level access which in turn provided up to date reports on income at any level.

Budgets should be made according to the prescribed rates, by Local Majlis and sent it to Markaz within the allocated time.

Please note that the new Budgets should be made according to the following rates:

According to the instructions of Hazoor-e-Aqdas ایدہ اللہ تعالیٰ بنصرہ العزیز the rate of Chanda Majlis Ansãrullah is 1% of the monthly income for every month.

Chanda Ijtema fixed at 3% of one month income to be paid once a year or £24 per year, whichever is higher.

The subscription to “Ansaruddin” is £5 per year.

The target that each Majlis has been given of their regular budget should be evenly and regularly collected monthly.

Each Zaeem Majlis must contact all non-payers to improve the number of Chanda participants.

All Zo’ama/Zaeem-e-A’lā/ Regional Nazmeen A’lā will be updated about the collection of Chanda on bi- monthly basis in the months of March May, July, September, and November.

Collection weeks will be held to improve the Chanda Collection on bi monthly basis.

No Chanda should be collected without issuing a receipt.

Cardiff Mosque/Baitul Futuh Reconstruction Fund:

  • Special efforts should be made to collect Baitul Futuh reconstruction funds this year. Try to collect at least 60% of the given target.
  • Special efforts should be made to collect for the new appeal for Cardiff Mosque in the year 2019.

Charity Walk

  • Business men should be approached.
  • Higher Fund Raiser should be contacted to generate more funds.
  • Collection through stalls should be organised effectively.
  • Fund raising forms should be sent 12 weeks before the Charity Walk date.
  • “Just giving” campaign should be introduced at Majlis level more effectively this year.
  • Poppy Appeal should be launched in October to raise funds.
  • Charity Collection Box should be given to each Nasir household to raise the money throughout the year.
  • An appropriate effort should be made to get Gift Aid Form.

Standing Orders

Each Zaeem is requested to increase at least 5 more standing orders in large Majalis and 2 more in small Majalis. In addition all new Ansãr joining Ansarullah this year will be requested to pay their Chanda through standing order.

Gift Aid

Each Zaeem Majlis is requested to collect Gift Aid Form from Tax Payer. Updates will be provided to each Zaeem.

To achieve the targets, Qiadat Maal will organise visits to Majalis and Regions, all help and support will be provided to Zo’ama Majalis and Regional Office bearers of Ansãrullah.

Expenditure Instructions

We are a registered charity. This requires us to maintain our financial records, abiding by the rules of the regulatory authority. Please ensure you maintain a record of all documentation.

  • Expense claims forms can’t be processed without signatures and date by the claimant and approval by relevant head of department.
  • Please use the prescribed forms & please don`t use self-created forms.
  • Don’t use correction fluid, just cut through neatly and rewrite.
  • Write clearly in BLOCK LETTERS.
  • Please keep a copy of your receipts and form for your own records.
  • When you receive any cheque from us please keep the photocopy in your record.
  • Receipts must indicate the type of expense. Also provide details and purpose of expense.
  • Original receipts must be attached firmly on a separate sheet. Photocopies/Faxes are invalid. Without receipts no claim will be accepted.
  • To attach the receipts follow the sample attached. On one page attach the receipts for one Expense Head.
  • For food and travel, fill in the relevant form.
  • Please ensure that the form is fully completed and supported with all relevant receipts.
  • Incomplete forms may cause delays in process and approvals.
  • Expenses mentioned must incur wholly, exclusively and necessarily for the approved purpose.
  • For expenses on any major event please seek prior approval from Sadr Majlis Ansãrullah UK. Please provide details of your proposed expenses.
  • Please submit the Accounts immediately after the event.
  • In case of advance/Grants, please ensure to return the outstanding amount to Markaz by cheque or cash.