154. Qa’id Tajneed shall see that each Ahmadi who has attained the age of Ansarullah is included in the Tajneed, (i.e., enrolment).

155. Qa’id Tajneed shall see that a complete record of enrolment is maintained and the system of Sa’iqeen (i.e., group leaders) is established in the Majalis.



This is the duty of all office bearers to inform the Tajneed Department of any changes to their membership using the online AMIS System.

Zo’ama are responsible to immediately inform the Tajneed Department of any change in address of any Nasir leaving their Majlis and to provide the new address and telephone numbers.

Please update the AMIS System of any new Nasir joining the Majlis about any new details of a Nasir joining your Majlis.

Send updated Tajneed of your Majlis on Quarterly bases to Markaz.

A “Sa’iq” should be appointed for every 10 Ansãr in the Majlis.

Hold minimum one Sa’iqeen meeting in a month.


134. Qa’id Amoomi shall be the in charge of the office at the headquarters.

135. It shall be the duty of Qa’id Amoomi to see that the instructions of Sadr Majlis are being carried out and remind all concerned when necessary.

136. Qa’id Amoomi shall maintain the record of proceedings of Majlis Amila UK and shall also inform the members of the concerned Majalis about it.

137. Qa’id ‘Amoomi shall sign all vouchers concerning expenditure of headquarters office.

138. It shall be the duty of Qa’id Amoomi to publicise the aims and objects of the Majlis and to organise the Majalis at as many places as possible.


The department is responsible:

  • for all administration and responsible for sending and receiving reports and other correspondence from Majalis and Regions
  • to maintain Ansar offices in the Regions and Majlis
  • to arrange Amila meetings, take & distribute approved minutes & agenda
  • to collect reports from all departments and prepare a monthly report for the Markaz
  • to maintain records for all departmental reports

The department of Amoomi provides help in the following matters of the Majlis:

  • Any approval or change of the local or regional body (Amila) should be submitted to Qa’id Amoomi for Sadr Majlis’s approval
  • Any issue in the monthly reporting system should be communicated to Qa’id Amoomi so that he can find the appropriate resources to solve the issue
  • Any question or concern in holding the local Amila or general body meetings should be communicated to Qa’id Amoomi for proper guidance
  • Any issue of local or regional level should be communicated to Qa’id Amoomi for proper resolution.
  • Any matter requiring the attention of Sadr Majlis or National Amila concerning local, regional or national events should be communicated to Qa’id Amoomi.

Organise minimum 1 Amila Meeting every month.
Organise minimum 1 General Meeting every month.
Give at least 2 weeks notice for general meeting.
Ensure there is a prefixed agenda for the meeting that is distributed well before the meeting due date.
Ensure minutes of the Amila meeting are recorded.
All Ansar members must be informed and reminded by phone call if required, about the General Meeting.
In addition to the phone calls, emails and texts can also be used as reminders.
Use the Saiqeen system to help contact Ansar in your Majlis. Divide the responsibility between your Amila members.
Inform Ansar by a personalised letter enclosing the agenda of the meeting.
Try making the meeting useful & interesting. Choose a topic of interest or choose a book from which you can discuss a certain topic or Hadith
Arrange for light refreshments
Set a fixed time and day or week for meeting (For example: 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm)
There is no quick fix, it will take time, no magic formula. Just keep trying with prayers, love and understanding.

Meetings must be result oriented.