158. Qa’id Ta’leem ul Qur’an shall motivate members to learn reading of the Holy Qur’an with correct pronunciation and to teach it to others.

159. Qa’id Ta’leem ul Qur’an shall urge members to participate in Waqf ‘Arzi.


Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V ایدہ اللہ تعا لیٰ بنصرہ العزیزsays:

Every Ahmadi should take responsibility that he and his family should take interest in reading and reciting the Holy Quran. If we are not reading the Holy Quran the way it is required to be read then we should be worried and each individual should be asking this question to himself , that inspite of being called an Ahmadi aren’t we deviating from the path by not following the commandants?

  1. There are two documents prepared & emailed to all Zo’ama &Nazmeen A’lā:
    • Importance of Learning &Teaching The Holy Quran.
    • Links to Learn the Holy Quran.

All Ansãr should be sent these documents & these should be used to motivate Ansãr to learn the correct reading, translation & commentary of The Holy Quran.

  1. The “Teacher Training Classes” should continue to be held so that more & more Ansãr in each Majlis know & are able to teach The Holy Quran correctly.
  2. Regular classes for learning the translation of The Holy Quran should be held at least twice a week. This year Ansãr should learn the split word translation of the first two parts. Tests should be organized locally & during Regional Ijtemas.
  3. Ansãr should be encouraged to read the commentary of Sura Fateha written by Promised Messiah علیہ السلام Quiz competitions should be organized locally & during Regional Ijtemas.
  4. Each Majlis should encourage Ansãr to come forward for Waqf-e-Arzi Scheme & names of such Ansãr should be sent to Quaid Tā’leem ul Quran as well.
  5. The names of those Ansãr who attend such classes regularly should be sent to Qaid Tā’leem ul Quran.

Note: The position of each Majlis & Region will be judged after receiving the reports concerning the above points.

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