160. Qa’id Tarbiyyat Nau Mubāeen shall try to maintain a strong liaison with Nau Mubāeen and try to make them an active part of the Jama ‘at.

161. Qa’id Tarbiyyat Nau Mubāeen shall see that Nau Mubāeen Ansar are enrolled as members and try that they fully become part of the Ansarullah organization.


The department shall maintain an up to date record within the first month of the year.

Zo’ama should attach one Nasir with each Nau Mubāeen to establish regular contact.

Make every effort to involve Nau Mubāeen in regular monthly meetings and other activities of Majlis Ansarullah.

Majlis-e-Shura 2012, Proposal 2:

…  Strengthen and maintain contact with Nau Mubāeen on a regular basis and to integrate them with the Nizam-e-Jamā’at in their respective Majlis/Region

Nau Mubāeen are classified as those members who are within 3 years from the date of their Bai ’at.