151. Qa’id Zahānat Wa Sehat Jismāni shall chalk out programmes for maintaining intellectual and physical health of members.


The department is responsble for the encouragement of Ansãr to exercise regularly, including walking and cycling.  

Organise Sports Days at local/regional/national level

National Sports Events:

  • On 28th April 2019 Qiadat Zahānat & Sehat-e- Jismāni will organise a National Sports Day at Baitul Futuh. Detail programme will be communicated later.
  • Regional competitions Football, Volleyball and Tape ball Cricket tournament.
  • Annual cricket league. This will be centrally controlled

National and Regional Ijtema Sports Events:

  • Team Events
  • Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball
  • Individual Events
  • 50,100,400 meters race; Shot Putt; Wrist Lock/ Arm Wrestling; Chinese Whispers;
  • Observation Test

Live Workout

Healthy Body Healthy Mind
Ansar Specific Workout
Please join us for a low / medium intensity workout on SUNDAY @6pm. This workout is specifically for all Ansar including the elderly (who can sit and exercise). Workout will take place EVERY Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday @6pm.

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