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اسلامی اصول کی فلاسفی ۰ باآواز سنیں

AUDIO-The Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

Book Corner

His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah be his Helper)
emphasised the importance for Ansar members to understand why there is a need for religion, the purpose of Islam and to familiarise themselves with the study
of comparative religions.

“The first part of the book ‘An Introduction to the Study of the Holy Quran’ covers comparative religions, the need for religion and the need for Islam and members of Majlis Ansarullah should be well versed in this and these concepts should be clear to them. They should all know what the differences are (between the religions), what the need of religion is and as to why there was a need for Islam to be established… If they become well acquainted with the first half of this book, then the Ansar will better understand many issues and they can then discuss and teach others.”

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Materials for General Meetings


139. It shall be the duty of Qa’id Ta’leem to propagate and inculcate the Islamic teachings amongst the Majlis Ansarullah.

140. Qa’id Ta’leem shall arrange the education of illiterate persons



The basic responsibility of Qiadat Tā`leem is to develop and raise the religious educational standards of the members of Majlis Ansarullah UK.

This can be accomplished by motivating Ansār to:
i. learn translation and commentary of the Holy Qur’ān
ii. study the sayings of the Holy Prophet ﷺ
iii. read the books of the Promised Messiah علیہ السلام and his Khulfa
iv. participate in solving Tā`leem papers
v. prepare for academic competitions and essay writing

Qaidat Tā’leem has prepared an annual program for the guidance of Nazimenn Tā`leem, Zo`ama Majalis and Muntazimeen Tā`leem. You can obtain full details by viewing the Tā`leem section of the Guidelines 2019 – see link below:



• Motivate Ansār to attend local Qur’ān Classes.
• Read at least one hadith with translation from the book, “Hadeeqatus Saliheen” in every General Meeting.
• Provide Tā`leem Syllabus to all Ansār and make sure that all Ansār are aware of this syllabus. Moreover, Nazim Tā`leem, Zaeem Majlis and Muntazim Tā`leem should ensure that the syllabus is discussed in regional and local monthly Aamila / General Meetings.
• Prescribed books for Ta`leem papers are available as hard copy, audio books (USBs) and online at Ansar website Nazimeen, Zu`ama and Muntazimeen should guide Ansar to these available resources.
• Introduce brief summary of prescribed book in General Meetings.
• Tā`leem paper will be available online at Ansar website ( Each and every member of the Local, Regional & National Majlis-e-Aamila must complete Tā`leem Papers at https// The target for Aamila members of all levels is 100%.
• Zo`ama Majalis and Muntazimeen Tā`leem should make sure that all Ansār in their Majalis complete the Tā`leem Paper. 75% of Tajneed must complete these papers.
• Arrange and conduct academic competition during Local and Regional Ijtema`at and motivate all Ansār to take part in these competitions.

For prescribed Books, Tā`leem Papers, Syllabus and allother Tā`leem related resources, please [click here]