Date: Sunday, 3rd March 2024

Venue: Worplesdon Memorial Hall, Worplesdon

On a serene Sunday, the Guildford Majlis Ansarullah gathered at the Worplesdon Memorial Hall to hold their Annual Local Ijtema, a day filled with spiritual nourishment and brotherhood. This year’s theme, “Righteous Servants,” was thoughtfully chosen by the Centre and was woven into the fabric of the day’s activities.

Months of Preparation Culminate in a Day of Unity

The planning for this year’s Ijtema began a month in advance, with the formation of an Ijtema Committee consisting of all members of the Local Majlis-e-Amila. The committee worked diligently to ensure that the theme was evident throughout the event, guiding the preparation and execution of the day’s program.

Personal Invitations Boost Attendance

In the weeks leading up to the Ijtema, the committee made commendable efforts to visit approximately 95% of the Majlis membership through house visits. During these visits, members received a personal invitation letter to the Ijtema from the Zaeem Majlis and the Local Amila. This personal touch had a significant positive impact, encouraging high attendance and fostering a spirit of community.

Event Highlights

  • 9:00 AM: The Ijtema Committee arrived early to oversee the setup, including arranging a continental breakfast complemented by aromatic Kashmiri Chai.
  • 10:00 AM: Members began arriving, enjoying breakfast and fellowship while anticipating the arrival of the chief guest.
  • Opening Session: The session was graced by the presence of Sadr Majlis Ansarullah UK, Mia Waqas Ahmad Sahib, and Qaid Amoomi, Col. Shahid Lateef Sahib. The session opened with a recitation of the Holy Quran by Zafrullah Jamal Sahib, followed by a pledge led by Sadr Sahib and a Nazm by Tahir Mahmood Sahib. A warm welcome was extended by Zaeem Majlis Guildford, Naseer-ud-Din Shams Sahib, culminating in the Opening Address by Sadr Sahib Ansarullah UK.

The day continued with various activities and discussions centered around the theme of being “Righteous Servants,” engaging members in deep reflections on their spiritual journeys and responsibilities.

A Foundation for Future Growth

The successful organization and high spirit of the attendees illustrated the strong bonds within the Guildford Majlis community. The proactive approach of visiting members personally and involving them in a meaningful dialogue about the theme proved instrumental in making the Ijtema a spiritually enriching experience for all involved.

As we look forward to future events, the Guildford Majlis remains committed to fostering these values and continuing to build a vibrant community of “Righteous Servants.”