On the evening of April 13, 2024, the DarulBarkaat Mosque in Birmingham hosted a special Isaar Meeting and dinner, dedicated to our respected Ansar members aged 65 and older. The event, meticulously planned by a dedicated committee formed two weeks prior, was a tribute to the commitment and lifelong dedication of these senior members.

Event Overview:

  • Distinguished Guests: The forum was honored with the presence of the Naib Saddar of Ansarullah UK, along with Qaid sb Isaar and Naib Qaid sb Isaar, who played pivotal roles throughout the evening.
  • Attendance: A total of 140 Ansar members participated, with a special invitation extended to 35 senior members, celebrating their contributions over the years.

Program Highlights:

  • Presentation on Duties: The event began at 7 PM with a comprehensive presentation by the Isaar department’s Qaid sb, who detailed the department’s duties and responsibilities. This segment was highly interactive, with numerous insightful questions from the audience.
  • Spiritual Nourishment: Following the Isha prayer, the gathering enjoyed a delightful dinner, complemented by tea and refreshments available throughout the evening.

Menu Delights: Our menu featured a variety of delicious dishes, catering to diverse tastes:

  1. Lamb Qurooma
  2. Boneless Chicken Paloo
  3. Chicken Roast
  4. Zarda (Sweet Rice)
  5. Roti/Naan
  6. Salad/Raita
  7. Water Bottles
  8. Soft Drinks, Including Diet Options
  9. Tea
  10. Biscuits
  11. Nimko (South Asian Snack Mix)

A Heartfelt Thanks: This successful program could not have been possible without the enthusiastic participation of all involved. The joy and fellowship shared among the Ansar brothers were palpable, reflecting the spirit of unity and dedication that defines our community.

JazakAllah for your continued support and engagement.

Khurram Arshad
Nazim Isaar, West Midlands Region