By the grace of Allah, both majlis had their Ijtema together at Baitul Ehsan Mosque. 

The campaign started on the 31st of January 2024. We informed all Ansar brothers personally by phone and text messages.

Arrangements started with Dwa in Fajr prayer. Under the 5 Ikram Shaikh sb and his team.

Ijtma started after Asar prayer at 14.30. Tea and cake were served throughout Ijtema. It was a very successful programme. 

Special thanks to Sadar Ansar Ullah UK, Mirza Waqas sb, who accepted our request to attend and chair the Ijtema, it was a great honour. He participated in the sport activities as well. 

Ijtema report was read by Sufyan Farooqi sb. There were different events, Tilawat, speeches in english, urdu, nazam and sports. Many successful Ansar received medals and books. Makram Fazal Ahmsad sb hosted the prize distribution ceremony followed by Dwa.

After Maghrib prayer, the food was served.

Ch Nauman Saleem, Zaeem Majlis Baitul Ehsan