Date: 07/06/2024

Alhamdulilah Majlis Baitul Futuh South organized the Isa’ar Forum 60+ Ansar Brothers’ Get-Together on Tuesday, 04 June 2024

The event was held after Asar prayers at 241 Central Road, Morden (Zaeem’s House). The total number of 60+ Ansar brothers in our Majlis is 20. Some members couldn’t attend due to health reasons or other commitments on the day. The total number of attendees was 20, including 3 guests.

Ansar brothers started arriving after Asar prayers at 5:45 PM. The Isa’ar Forum began with silent prayers, followed by gupshup, story sharing, and introductions. Homemade food, including sweets and tea, was served afterward. Alhamdulilah, everyone enjoyed the program, which concluded at 8:45 PM.

JazakAllah to all the attendees for making the event successful. May Allah grant them the best of health. Ameen. Insha Allah, we will organize a similar get-together in the future again.


Rizwan Sheikh

Serving as Zaeem Majlis BF South