Regional Quran Seminar Report

Date: 19-05-2024
Venue: Baitul subhan 
Chair: Respected Qaid Talim-ul-Qur’an, Tahir Fazal Sahib, Murrabi silsila Raza Ahmed, Nazim e Ala South region Syed Kaleem Ahmed Shah, Nazim Taleem Ul Quran South region Sajjad Akbar Sahib, Dabeer Bhatti and Waleed sahib 


The South region’s Quran Seminar, held on May 19, 2024, was a highly enriching and spiritual gathering. 

The seminar commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Later, The introduction of the program was presented, highlighting the objectives and the significance of understanding and engaging with the Holy Quran.


  1. Stories of Prophets in the Quran
    Presented by respected Raza Ahmad Sahib, Murabbi Silsila, this session delved into the captivating stories of Prophets as narrated in the Quran. It emphasized the moral lessons and divine wisdom embedded in these narratives, inspiring the audience to reflect on their teachings.
  2. Quran Quiz App by Ansarullah
    Respected Bhatti Sahib introduced a Quran Quiz app developed by Ansarullah. The app aims to enhance Quranic knowledge through engaging and interactive quizzes, making learning more accessible and enjoyable for all age groups.
  3. Prophecies of the Quran and Its Types
    Waleed Ahmad Sahib discussed the various prophecies mentioned in the Quran and their different types. This session provided deep insights into the fulfillment of Quranic prophecies and their significance in the modern world.

The seminar concluded with dua. 

Quran Exhibition:
A Quran exhibition was set up in the Masjid Hall, showcasing pop-up displays that highlighted various aspects of the Quran. This exhibition was a visual treat and an educational experience for all visitors.

The seminar witnessed an impressive turnout with 109 attendees, including Ansar, Khuddam, Atfal, Lajna, and Nasirat.

If you need any more information please let me know. 


Syed Kaleem Shah 

Nazim e Aala South region