Ansar National Amila brothers from Canada visited the UK to meet Hazoor ADBA, participate in a refresher course, and engage in various activities. The visit involved significant logistical planning, particularly regarding transportation.

Canada Ansar – Arrival

  • Total Ansar Given Lift: 40
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Total Incoming Flights: 10
  • Total Drivers Used: 12

Ansar members were warmly received at the airport and transported to Baitul Futuh with efficient coordination by the assigned drivers.

Canada Ansar – UK Travel

  • Dates: Friday, 17th May – Sunday, 19th May
  • Total Drivers Used: 42

During their stay, Ansar members traveled across various locations, including Baitul Ehsan, Baitul Futuh, and Islamabad. The transportation was smoothly managed by a dedicated team of drivers.

Canada Ansar – Departure

  • Total Ansar Given Lift Back to the Airport: 44
  • Duration: 3 Days
  • Total Drivers Used: 16

Upon completion of their visit, Ansar members were provided transportation back to the airport with the same efficiency and care.

Summary of Drivers Used

  • Total Drivers Used Over 9 Days: 70

Detailed Daily Plans

Friday, 17th May 2024

  • Allocated Region: Tahir
  • Plan for the Day :
    • Travel from Baitul Futuh to Islamabad
    • Jummah at Islamabad
    • Islamabad to Jamia
    • Jamia Tour with Waseem Fazal Sahib after Zohar

Saturday, 18th May 2024

  • Allocated Region: Fazal
  • Plan for the Day :
    • Travel from Baitul Futuh to Islamabad
    • Sitting After Zuhr with Maulana Abdul Majid Tahir Sahib
    • Travel to Deer Park (Makhzan e Tasaveer)

Sunday, 19th May 2024

  • Allocated Region: Masroor
  • Plan for the Day :
    • Travel from Baitul Futuh to Islamabad
    • Islamabad to Fazal Masjid
    • Sitting with respected Imam Ata Ul Mujeeb Rashid Sahib in Memood Hall after Asr around 19:00

Overall, the visit was a success, facilitated by a robust transport plan that ensured all Ansar members were able to participate in the scheduled activities seamlessly.