Wearing Pink and Blue Stickers

To assist in the Rishta Nata process

Wearing a small coloured sticker on your clothes (or on an event Registration Badge) is a very subtle way of showing others that you have children of marriage age.

People will indirectly see this badge being worn during events and it may help to encourage Ansar to talk to one another and could assist in two people having a conversation about a possible match.

Pink sticker = Daughter.
Blue sticker = Son

Following its approval during the Majlis Ansarullah National Amila Meeting (03/22), these stickers should now be made available at all Regional and National events.

Ansar can choose to wear this at their own free will.
No data will be collected from any Ansar wishing to wear these.

Wearing pink and blue stickers urdu details

Instructions for Regions

Watch how to create your own Sticker badges.