In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious Ever Merciful

Majlis Ansarullah Surbiton held Annual Ijtema 2024

By the Grace and Mercy of Allah the Exalted, Majlis Ansarullah Surbiton held its fourth Annual Ijtema on Sunday 28th of April 2024 at the Scouts Hall in Surbiton. The hall was nicely laid out and decorated, with various posters displayed.

All Ansar brothers who were present fully enjoyed meeting and catching up with each other. The Nazim Attendance and his team worked diligently to ensure maximum participation. The Ijtema message has been sent through to all Surbiton’s Ansar by using all ways of communication such as calling each individual Nasir, sending Ijtema letter electronically and house visits. Masha Allah, we had a good turnout of 67% attendance and almost everyone stayed until the final session. We had been constantly writing to Huzur e Anwar (aba) for special prayers for the success of this Ijtema and by the Grace of Allah the Ijtema was a success.

Ijtema Organising Committee Under the chairmanship of Rashid Ahmad Mirza Saheb, serving as Nazim-e-Ala Ijtema, the Ijtema organising committee comprised of eleven members. As with any Ijtema it required significant planning and preparation. The organising committee worked diligently for three weeks to address the major concerns – namely, attendance, competitions, and refreshments. The program included both academic and sports competitions.

Opening Session Registration was opened at 10:30 am and the first session started at 11.00 am, under the chairmanship of Muavin Sadr Respected Sohail Choudhry Saheb. After Tilawat, Pledge, and Nazm, opening remarks were presented by Nazim-e-Ala Ijtema. Respected Sohail Choudhry Saheb then delivered a short welcome speech and led the silent prayers. Respected Sohail Choudhry Saheb spoke about the theme of the Ijtema i.e. Righteous Servants.

Academic Competitions The academic competitions started at 11:30 am and concluded before the break for Zohr and Asr Salaat at 1:30 pm. The academic competitions comprised of Tilawat, Nazm, prepared and extempore speech in English and Urdu. We were privileged to have Respected Ayub Nadeem Saheb and Respected Fareed Ahmad Saheb as the judges for the academic competitions. The winners of the academic competitions were: Tilawat – Asif Zubair Saheb, Nazm – Mubarak Lone Saheb, Prepared Speech – Khalid Munir Saheb, and Extempore Speech – Khalid Munir Saheb.

Break for Salaat & lunch  and Isa’ar Activities Respected Ayub Nadeem Saheb led us in Zohr and Asr prayers, before we enjoyed delicious lunch – lamb korma, chicken biryani, naan, kheer, and chai. Isa’ar Department delivered food and desert to the homes of our elderly and unwell ansar brothers so they can enjoy lunch as well.

Sports Competitions As for the sports competitions, our Ansar brothers were requested to individually walk and cycle one or two days before the Ijtema and report the distance covered to the Nazim Sports. On the day the following sports competitions were held, arm wrestling, wrist lock, musical chair, and tug of war. The sports competitions winners were: Arm Wrestling – Gohar Maqsood Saheb and Ahmer Ahmedi Saheb (Awwal), Javed Iqbal Saheb (Saf-e-Dom), Wrist Lock – Gohar Maqsood Saheb (Awwal), Javed Iqbal Saheb (Saf-e-Dom), Mini Golf – Anwar ul Haq Saheb, Musical Chair – Khalid Munir Saheb, and Tug of War – Gohar Maqsood Saheb’s Team. Special prizes were presented to Pir Saud Saheb (Finance) and Rashid Ahmad Mirza Saheb for their dedication and effort supporting Majlis Ansarullah Surbiton. Jazak Allah.

Closing Session We were blessed with the presence of Respected Sadr Majlis Ansarullah UK, Sahibzada Mian Waqas Saheb. The closing session started at 4:30 pm with Tilawat, Pledge, and Nazm.  In addition, a thorough report was presented by the Secretary Ijtema and the competitions’ winners were announced. In his closing address, Respected Sadr Majlis Ansarullah UK spoke about the theme of the Ijtema i.e. Righteous Servants and our obligations in the current precarious situation of the world, we must focus our attention on prayers, obey Khalifat-ul Massih (May Allah be his Helper) and fulfil our pledge, and Tabligh. At the end, Sahibzada Mian Waqas Saheb led us in silent prayers. Everyone present had the opportunity to meet Sahibzada Mian Waqas Saheb and various group photos were taken. By the Grace of Allah, we not only partook in the good food that was served but we have also partaken of the spiritual blessings of this successful fourth Ijtema. May Allah forgive our shortcomings and continue to bless us all. Ameen.

Report : Mansoor Ahmad, Nazim Amoomi – Majlis Ansarullah Masroor Region