Event Date: April 2024

Alhamdulillah, Burton Majlis marked the end of Tabligh Ashra with a vibrant Eid celebration at our local mosque, located in the serene village of Winshill near Burton on Trent.

A Month of Outreach

Throughout the Tabligh Ashra, our community engaged in various outreach activities, including setting up tabligh stalls, door-to-door leafleting, and visiting local faith groups such as the Methodists, Anglicans, Roman Catholics, and local charities. These efforts have strengthened our ties with the community and highlighted the spirit of inclusiveness that Eid embodies.

A Gathering of Many Faiths

The Eid celebration was enriched by the presence of over 22 external guests, including members from St Mark’s Anglican Church, St Joseph Roman Catholic Church, local parish councilors, borough and ward councilors, representatives from charities like BCV & Hope, and our neighbors. Their participation truly reflected the communal harmony we strive to foster.

Engaging and Enlightening

Our Ansar families played a crucial role in supporting the event, assisting with mosque tours and exhibitions that provided our guests with a brief introduction to our denomination of Islam. These interactions are vital in bridging gaps and fostering mutual understanding and respect.

Refreshments and Fellowship

Guests enjoyed a variety of refreshments, including Pakistani tea, English tea, and coffee. The warm atmosphere and shared meals added to the joy of the occasion, leaving many eager to engage more deeply with our community.

A Look Ahead

Inspired by the success of this event and the positive feedback from our guests, we are motivated to continue these engagements and invite more people to join us in future activities and celebrations.