Eid Celebration Event by Majlis Ansarullah Morden Park

Alhamdulillah, on Saturday, April 20, 2024, Majlis Ansarullah Morden Park was delighted to host an Eid Celebration Event at Grill Culture, located at 63 St.Helier Ave, Morden, from 11 am to 1 pm.

We were honored to welcome 39 guests, including 10 external (non-Ahmadi) and 29 internal (Ahmadi) attendees. The event fostered enriching discussions and provided an excellent platform for cultural exchange and understanding.

Eid celebrate event 20/04/2024

Event Highlights:

  • Engaging Discussions: Guests engaged in one-on-one conversations, gaining insights into the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association, its structure, and the commendable humanitarian efforts undertaken by our Jamat.
  • Educational Outreach: We distributed valuable literature to deepen the guests’ understanding of our beliefs and practices:
    • 3 copies of the Holy Quran
    • 6 books on the Life of Muhammad (saww)
    • 6 copies of the Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam

Preparation Efforts:

  • Community Engagement: Our preparation included extensive community outreach. Five Ansar and two Khuddam members visited local residences to personally invite neighbors. Over 120 invitation cards were distributed, and several tabligh talks were conducted to spark interest in the event.
  • Venue Preparation: The venue was prepared with the dedicated efforts of our Ansar brothers, who conducted Waqar e Amal, and a team of three Ansar and three Khuddam who set up the venue the night before.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the guests and volunteers who made this event a success. Your participation and support reflect the spirit of community and shared joy that Eid represents.

JazakAllah, Wassalam,

Adil Ejaz
Serving as Zaeem Majlis Morden Park