Event Report: Ansar Forum/Eid Milan Party Date: Sunday, 14th April 2024 Venue: Darul Aman Mosque, Manchester Organized by: ISAAR Department of MAUK Northwest Region


The ISAAR Department of the Majlis Ansarullah UK (MAUK) Northwest Region held a significant event, the Ansar Forum/Eid Milan Party, at the Darul Aman Mosque in Manchester. The gathering was specially designed to include Ansar members who are typically unable to participate in social or Jama’at activities due to age or disabilities.


The event saw active participation from all ten majalis within the MAUK Northwest Region, with a total of 187 attendees. This included notable figures such as Sadr Sb Sahibzada Mirza Waqas Ahmad, the President of Majlis Ansarullah UK, along with several central office bearers.

Highlights and Activities

The forum featured an engaging question and answer session that benefited greatly from the direct involvement of Sadr Sb Sahibzada Mirza Waqas Ahmad. His presence was instrumental, offering a unique opportunity for personal interaction with the attendees, which greatly enriched the overall experience.

A key highlight of the event was the introduction of the Cardiff mosque project, a significant ongoing initiative by the community. This presentation underscored the community’s dedication to growth and development, aligning with the forum’s themes of unity and progress.

The event concluded with a heartfelt Duaa, emphasizing the spirit of Eid and unity. The inclusion of elderly participants and those with limited outdoor activity options was a focal point, ensuring that the event was accessible and enjoyable for all.

Catering and Organization

Participants enjoyed light refreshments throughout the day, culminating in a communal dinner that provided an opportunity for fellowship and celebration. The ISAAR Department’s meticulous organization was evident, reflecting their commitment to community engagement and cohesion.


The Ansar Forum/Eid Milan Party was a resounding success, achieving its aim of fostering unity and celebrating Eid among all members of the community, with a special emphasis on inclusivity. The event not only provided a platform for social interaction but also highlighted significant community projects, strengthening the bonds among the members of MAUK Northwest Region.