Regional Ijtema is a flagship event in Ansarullah’s calendar. At the beginning of year 2023 Nazim e Aala sahib majlis Ansarullah Tahir region appointed me as Nazim e Aala Ijtema majlis Ansarullah Tahir region for the year 2023. He advised me to form a Ijtema committee and call a meeting. Immediately I formed regional Ijtema committee for the year 2023 as attached. I assigned them different rolls regarding the pre Ijtema, Ijtema day and post Ijtema duties,
We held many meetings of this committee where we discussed every single role in detail. All Nazmeen e Ijtema were asked to form their teams to fulfil their tasks at the regional Ijtema. Teams were formed like Zifat team, Sports, team, set up team, windup team academics team. Each team of each department was responsible of each team.
After forming regional Ijtema committee and these teams our priority was to fix the date and venue for this year Ijtema. During the meeting we discussed many dates and venue. After a long discussion and consultation with Zo’ama we decided to hold our regional Ijtema on 22nd June 2023 and sports day on 21st June 2023. In terms of venue, it was huge task in front of the Ijtema committee as there so many national programmes were happening at the same time. After careful consideration and keeping all other programs in mind committee decided to hold Ijtema in Mehmood Hal, Fazl Mosque and sports in King George’s Park next to Nuffield Health and fitness gym Wandsworth. Nazim e Aala sahib helped the Ijtema committee to secure these places in terms of getting permission from concern authorities.
As all Nazmeen e Ijtema were getting ready with teams, my first task was to prepare and print detail programme of the Ijtema so with the help of Ata ul Ala Zafer sahib I started work on this project. We both, under the guidance of Nazim Aala sahib prepared detailed program for both sports day and for main Ijtema day. This programme was in both languages English and Urdu. We sent this programme to every Nasir of the region through Respected Zo’ama. We also tried to minimise our expenses so for that very reason we photocopied this programme instead of proper printing. We sent this program to all Ansar well before the Ijtema so that Ansar brother can get themselves ready for both days, academics and for sports. After preparation this was approved by Nazim Aala sahib and Ijtema committee.
To increase the attendance and reach out to every Nasir of the region social media platform was used and lots of flyers and posters were sent to Zoma, Muntazmeen and Ansar brothers through WhatsApp to remind them about the dates and timings of the Ijtema.
Sports day 21st June 2023. Mansoor Abrar sahib Nazim Sehat along with his sports team comprises of Waheed Ahmed Minhas sahib Zaeem majlis Wandsworth decided to hold 100-meter race, Tug of War, shot put, Football, Cricket and Volleyball on sports day. They started to take names from the mjaalis and started to make teams for the day. For the sports day Nazim Ala sahib made some special efforts to meet Nuffield health and fitness gym management to ask them if they can brief our Ansar for 15- 20 minutes some health tips which they agreed. In terms of equipment needed Mansoor Abrar sahib got cooperation from Qaid sahib Sehat. On the sports day Mansoor Abrar sahib and his team arrived at the venue King George’s Park at 07.00 to get the field ready for the day events. They prepared for cricket, Volleyball, and shot put and other competition. A gazebo was put in place with tables and chares for the main reception area and Tajneed desk were also in place for attendance. Nasir Safeer sahib oversaw Tajneed and taking attendance. Ansar started to arrive around 8.00 am and started to get registered first with Tajneed and then with different teams so that they can take part in different sports events. By 09.00 all was set for the day, and everybody was ready to participate in all sports events. Respected Bengali sahib special guest from the Sadr sahib majlis Ansarullah UK. He arrived at 10.00 and he presided the opening session.
The session was started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Mamoor Khan sahib with English and Urdu translation followed by few announcements by me and then speech from respected guest. Nazim Ala sahib gave some advises as well. At the end silent prayer was led by respected guest and then sports competitions were started. All ansar show a huge interest in games and almost everyone who was present at the venue took part in different games. There were some competitions on individual bases while some were team bases. Teams from all over the region took part in team base games.
Tug of War, in total 6 teams participated in this game and their names are as follows, Wandsworth Town team, Battersea team, Clapham junction team, Peckham team, Earlsfield team and Clapham team. Total 40 Ansar participated in these teams, Clapham junction team was first and Battersea team was on second position. Referee of the match was Abdul Waheed Minhas Zaeem Wandsworth.
Cricket, Cricket was another game which was held in this Ijtema sports day. Four teams took part in this game from the Reagan, Names of the teams are Wandsworth team, Clapham junction team, Clapham team and Earlsfield team. In to total 30 Ansar took part in this game competition, Wandsworth majlis achieved first position and second position was Earlsfield Majlis. Match referee was Abdul Waheed Minhas Zaeem
Football, this was another competition which was held on the day there were for teams from the region who took part in this competition. Teams were as follows, Wandsworth town team, Battersea team, Clapham Junction and Peckham team. Battersea majlis was on first position and Wandsworth town was on second position. Game referee was Abdul Waheed Minhas Zaeem majlis Wandsworth. 35 Ansar took part in this competition.
100-meter race, this game was very interesting and many ansar took part in it. This was divided into two parts, saf-e -Awal and saf-e-Dome. Almost 30 Ansar took part in it and checked their ability to run in this age. Mr A was on first position and Mr B was on second position.
Volleyball, Arrangement for volleyball was there as well and ansar shown interest in it. Although there was no volleyball competition, but people still played and enjoyed this game. About 20ansar played this game.
There were also some individual competitions like shotput and discuss throw. Ansar from all over the region took part in these competitions. and secured positions to make this sports day success. Abdul Waheed Minhas and his team were referee in each game and hold these games in a decently high standard.
Health expert lecture, Waheed Ahmed sahib Nazim e ala majlis Ansarullah Tahir region arranged a health-related lecture with the experts from the Nuffield health centre Wandsworth. Therefor, health experts came form the health centre and gave a very useful health related lecture. Ansar had an opportunity to ask the questions. Imran Yousuf sahib from Cycling club gave lecture about the cycling as well and encouraged ansar to take part in cycling tour to France and Germany. He also gave some good tips abut the good cycles and from where and how and which to buy.
Zia’fat, while all these sports competitions were happening, Zia’fat team under the supervision of Mudassar Rehman sahib Nazim Isar was busy to prepare delicious food for Ansar. This team also made arrangement that throughout the day enough fruits and tea is available for all participants and other ansar at the site. Prepacked biryani with yogurt was ready for all ansar at the end of the competition. In fruits banana and apples were available for everyone whole day in case some needs to refill. To keep everybody warm team made sure that hot tea is available all the time.
Sports day concluded with congregational Zohar and Aser prayers at the site led by Nazim Ala majlis Ansarullah Tahir region, after that food was served to all ansar. After the food windup team under the supervision of Rafique Bhatti sahib Zaeem Clapham junction took over the site and restore the site to its original condition.
Windup team made all the arrangements to transport everything back to fazl mosque and put the stuff where it supposed to be.
Sports day started at 07.00 and finished at 16.00. Total attendance was 135 ansar including 5 guests. In total there were 12 completions including team and individual competitions and in total about 100 ansar took part in these competitions. At the end of the day upon our request respected special guest from the centre Bangali sahib recorded a short video message in which he emphasised on the importance of the Ansarullah as auxiliary organization and our responsibilities as a Nasir.
Preparation for the next day 25th Jun 2023. Whole regional majlis amila along with Ijtema set up team were advised to reach Ijtema site (Mehmood hall Fazl Mosque) to get it ready for the next main day for our regional Ijtema. Aim was to prepare the site as much as we can so that next day Ijtema can be started on time. Set up team arrived there on time with all necessary items to get the venue ready, they set up the background, stage, sitting arrangement, erecting banners in whole hall, prepared banners, putting up pop ups etc.
Outside Mehmood hall gazeboes were erected to set up registration desk, Tajneed desk, Book stall, Tea stall, Rishta nata desk and finance desk. The whole site was ready to host the main Ijtema next day. Every member of the setup team did hard work.
Sami Basri team under the supervision of Fazl Doger sahib Sadr jama’at Burntwood were there too to put arrangements in place for sound and photography. Mehmood Hall and upper hall was prepared for all academic competitions and sound was checked.
In brief night before the Ijtema day venue was ready to host the Ijtema. Members of regional majlis Amila Tahir region, members of Ijtema committee and Nazim e Aala sahib himself played a big role in this arrangement. Before closing the day Nazim e Aala sahib asked all Amila members and Ijtema committee members to arrive at the venue in the morning as early as possible.
28th May 2023 Nazim e Aala Ijtema along with members from Amila and set up team were at the venue. Under the supervision for Nasir Safeer sahib registration desk was set up and all members were being registered electronical as they arrive in the venue. An hourly attendance report was also being produced by this department. In the reception are a bookstall was also set up where there were
different books, and the Holy Quran was on display. A Rishta nata desk, A finance desk and Tajneed desk were also set up in the reception area.
In the reception area a T stall was also set up for Ansar throughout the day so that during the day if they need to refill themselves, they can do so. Zia’fat team did wonderful job. May Allah bless them.
While Ansar was arriving, Zia’fat team under the supervision of Mudassar Rehman sahib Nazim Isar was busy to make a delicious breakfast (Paey Nan chany) All Ansar present in the venue were presented this delicious breakfast.
At 09.30 our special guest respected Zaheer Ahmed Jatoi sahib acting Sadr majlis Ansarullah UK arrived and proceeding of first session of our regional annual Ijtema started under his chairmanship with the recitation of Holy Quran by Zahoor Ahmed sahib fallowed by Urdu and English translation. After that respected guest led us in pledge and Urdu Nazm was presented after that by Ataul Aala sahib. After Nazm respected Nazim Aala sahib welcomed all Ansar and guests and briefly explain about the purposes of the Ijtema in his welcome address.
After that our respected guest Zaheer Ahmed Jatoi sahib acting Sadr majlis Ansarullah UK addressed the audience. In his speech he mentioned about the aims and purposes of Ansarullah and little bit of history of the auxiliary organization. He explains about the charity for peace as well as he mentioned all the projects which are going on under charity for peace. He mentioned about Masroor eye hospital and coming up Masroor general hospital and ask Ansar to contribute to these schemes as much as they can. At the end of his speech, he led us in silent prayer and in this way our first session of our regional annual Ijtema ended.
After the departure of the respected guest from the venue, academic competitions started under the supervision of Imran Yousuf sahib Nazim Taleem. The following academic competitions were held in which Ansar participated very keenly:
Tilawat competition.
Nazm competition.
Speech competition (prepared).
Speech competition (Extempore).
Quiz competition. (English and Urdu)
We held these competitions in main Mehmood hall, in upper hall and in reception area next to registration area. This time Respected Imran Yusuf sahib introduced digital system for quiz competition where question appears on mobile phone of the participant to select the right answer from multiple option and result was immediately updated on main computer. It was very good use of technology and Ansar really liked it. Especially English-speaking Ansar participated in this, and we are planning to expend it in our future multi answer quiz competition. Around 15 Ansar took part in this new digitize quiz competition initially.
At around 13.00 all academic competitions were completed. About 90 Ansar took part in these competitions.
Between 13.00 and 15.00 there was a break for lunch and Zohr and Aser prayers. All attendees said their Zohr and Aser prayers in Fazl Mosque in congregation. In the meantime, a delicious lunch was ready to be served to all present there by our Zia fat team headed by Mudassar Rehman sahib Nazim Isaar.
At 15.00 final session of the Ijtema started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Zahoor Ahmed sahib Nazim Talim ul Quran followed by English and Urdu translations. Respected Zia Ul Rehman sahib Naib Sadr Majlis Ansarullah UK was presiding this final session. After Tilawat there was Ansarullah pledge led by Naib Sadr sahib. Then there was a lovely Nazm presented by Atul Ala Zafer sahib Nazim Ishat. Then a briefly report of the Ijtema was presented by Nazim Ala majlis Ansarullah Tahir region Respected Waheed Ahmed sahib. He outlined a brief sketch of
the work which were done in last four years. He highlighted that Chanda target and charity walk collection target was achieved 100%. He also mentioned that all meetings are being held in person as per instruction from Hazor Anwer after the covid restriction were lifted. He did touch upon Kings coronation parties held by different mjaalis in the region. He did mention about the initiative he took as Nazim Aala, Namaz Fajir behind Hazor Anwer on monthly bases where a good number of Ansar from the region participate. He mentioned about regional food bank under Isaar and regional cricked tournament under Sehat e Jismani. He also mentioned the Spain tour and waqfe Arzi in Spain. He also mentions cycling tour which was done under the instruction of Sahibzada Mirza Waqas Ahmed sahib. He also mentions regular Quran classes which are happening in the region. He also mentioned about Poppy appeal and duty at peace symposium 2023. Then he presented report about each majlis and their achievements throughout the year. He also touched upon some work which were done soon after the regional annual Ijtema last year. He thanked Ijtema committee and Zoma for their efforts regarding this Ijtema. He also thanked respected guests who especially came to this Ijtema. He also thanked all Ansar brothers who worked hard throughout the year and cooperate with him as Nazim e Aala.
Prize distributions.
After Nazim Ala sahibs brief report there was prize distribution. Prizes were carefully prepared by Imran Ahmed sahib Nazim Amoomi. Its was a very time consuming and hard job to buy and get ready all the prizes for all the winner from sports as well as from academic competitions. Masha Allah Imran sahib did a wonderful job. Imran sahib did all this single handedly going forward and backword to buy and rap all these prizes.
Naib Sadr sahib distributed prizes to all academic winners, sports events winner, Special prizes were also awarded to individuals, Best majlis, Best Muntazim, Best Zaeem, best nazim all these were awarded prizes.
Tilawat competition
Fist position
Zahoor Ahmad sahib
Majlis Clapham
Second position
Tahir Mehmood sahib Wandsworth
Town Majlis
Nazm Competition
Fist position
Ataul Ala Zafar
Wandsworth Town Majlis
Second position
Tahir Mehmood Wandsworth
Town Majlis
Non-Urdu speaking
Fist position
Second Position
Syed Nasir Safeer sahib
Earlsfield Majlis
Extempore Speech English
First position
Abdirahman Mohammad Ase
(W. Town)
Second position
Hakeem Mensa (Peckham)
First position
Battersea Majlis
(Waheed Ahmed Captain)
Second position
Clapham Junction Majlis
(Ali Waqa Captain)
Majaalis performance competition
First position
Battersea Majlis
Mr, Rasheed Basit Ahmed Sb
Second position
Wandsworth Town
Mr, Nafees Ahmed Sb
Best Nazmeen
Tahir Region Amila for the Year 2023
Nazim Isaar
Mudassar Rehman Sb
Nazim Amoomi
Imran Ahmed Sb
After the prize distribution Respected Zia ul Rehman sahib Naib Sadr majlis Ansarullah UK delivered the final and concluding speech to conclude the Ijtema. He started his speech with the saying of Promised Messiah in Persian and went on to elaborate the aims and purposes of the advent of Promised Messiah. He mentioned that this is the theme of the year that we learn more and more about the aims and objectives of the advent of promised Missiah. He touched upon tow basic things which he said that he will focus on in his speech. He mentioned that we all should be thankful to Allah the Almighty that we are member of this blessed jam at. He mentioned that its our responsibility to understand, practice and spread the objectives and aims of Promised Messiah. He mentioned that one of the objectives is that we have love and affection for Prophet Muhammed PBUH and spread his message. He said that if we want to be green branches of this tree which was planted by Promised Messiah then we will have to reflect upon the objective and aims of his advent.
Respected Naib Sadr sahib ended his speech with a quotation from Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah the first and gave lots of prayers for the region and Ansar brothers and he also praised the Ijtema committee to putting this Ijtema together. At the end he reiterated that we need to understand and reflect the understanding of the advent to of promised Messiah though our action. At the end he led the audience in silent prayer and in this was this regional annual Ijtema of Majlis Ansarullah Tahir region concluded. AllhamdolillAha
At the end some group photos were taken with regional majlis amila, with regional Zoma, with Ijtema committee, with winners of the competition.