With heartfelt gratitude to Allah, we are thrilled to share the joy of our recent contribution to the Luton Foodbank. This donation comes from the generous collections of our Luton Majlis Ansarullah community, a project we have lovingly nurtured since the onset of Ramadan.

The warm reception we received from the foodbank was truly uplifting. This act of giving also served as a wonderful opportunity to introduce our Jama’at, further spreading the message of love and brotherhood. We pray that Allah showers His blessings upon every individual who played a part in this noble effort.

Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue this journey of compassion. We eagerly anticipate organizing more donation drives and fostering a stronger bond with the Luton Foodbank.

We extend our deepest appreciation for your support and participation.

May Allah reward you abundantly,

Atif Basharat Zaeem, Luton