Issar Department Report 2024

Issar duty performed by Majlis Ansarullah Tahir Region

Date: May 26, 2024

Event: Back-to-Back Volunteer Duties by Majlis Ansarullah Tahir Region

Overview: On May 26, 2024, by the grace of Allah Almighty, Majlis Ansarullah Tahir Region had the distinct honor of serving the community through two significant duties. The region was entrusted with the responsibility of assisting Ansarullah EU Countries during their refresher course and simultaneously supplying food for the Lajna National Sports Day at Kingston. 

Duties and Activities: Transportation and hospitality were provided for Ansarullah members from EU countries to Baitul Futuh, then to Islamabad, and back to Baitul Futuh. Members of Amila and respected guests participated in several refresher course activities, concluding with a BBQ in Islamabad. Our dedicated volunteers ensured their safe return to Baitul Futuh, with everyone reaching home by 1:00 AM. Alhamdulillah, all the members were delighted to have this successful opportunity.

Next Day 27, May Morning Duties:

Visit of Windsor Castle: Our dedicated team managed the transportation for the Ansar group visiting from EU countries.

The convoy, led by respected Nazim-e-Ala Sahib, facilitated a visit to the King’s residence, Windsor Castle.

Visit to Windsor Castle: The visit was a memorable experience for our guests, who appreciated the seamless transportation and the opportunity to explore the historic site.

Participants: A dedicated group of 12 Ansar from Tahir Region was involved in these duties. Their unwavering commitment and enthusiastic participation were instrumental in executing the responsibilities effectively.

 Leadership and Support: Respected Nazim-e-Ala Sahib played an important role in both duties. He led the transportation convoy, ensuring all guests were brought back to Baitul Futuh safely. Additionally, some guests were dropped off at the airport, reflecting our dedication to comprehensive service.

By Allah’s grace, all assigned tasks were completed successfully. The back-to-back duties highlighted the commitment and unity of Tahir Region’s Ansar brothers. Their dedication over consecutive weeks demonstrated exceptional service and the spirits.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Respected Ahfaq Khan sb for providing us this valuable opportunity and guide us in step and support me and my team. I am also deeply thankful to Respected Irfan sb Qaid sb Isaa’r, Respected Monas sb, who led us from the front and supported us throughout the duty. Jazaka’Allah Khairan.

Special Thanks to the  Duty Ansar Brothers:

1M Shahid Khalid Virk sbBurntwood
2Qamar Ahmad sbEarlsfield
3Zaheer Ahmad sbTooting
4 Ali Waqas  sbClapahm Jun
5Naeem Ahmad Chatha sbBattersea
6Ataul Aleem sbClapahm Jun
7Muhammad Ashraf sbClapahm
8Raja Farukh sbClapham
9Sohail Ahmad sbBattersea
10Waheed AhmadBattersea
11Mudassar RehmadBattersea
12Zahid Ahmad Butt sbClapham

 Driving Duty on 25,May 2024

Food Supply for Lajna National Sports Day

Location: Sports Ground, Kingston

Task: On the same day, Tahir Region was assigned to supply food for the Lajna National Sports Day. Our team ensured timely delivery of meals, contributing to the success of the event.

1Abdul Waheed Minhas SbWandsworth
2Zahid Ahmad Butt sbClapham
3Mudassar RehmadBattersea
4Sohail Ahmad sbBattersea
5Waheed AhmadBattersea

Coordination:Despite the simultaneous duties, the Ansar brothers coordinated efficiently, ensuring both tasks were completed without any issues.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the Ansar brothers who participated in this duty. Your hard work and dedication are truly appreciated. May Allah reward you the best. Ameen


Mudassar Rehman

Nazim Isaa’r

Majlis Ansarullah Tahir Region