Majlis Ansarullah Tolworth successfully held Tarbiyyat Forum on Sunday, the 7th April 2024 in Sunray Community Centre, Knollmead, Tolworth KT5 9QP organised jointly with Tolworth Jama’at.

Presided over by respected Naseer Mahmood, Zaem – Tolworth Majlis, the forum activities started with the Holy Quran Dars with urdu and English translation translation by respected Mawlana Fazle Umar Faruq Sahib, Murabbi Silsillah, Indonesian Desk, London. The topic of the Tarbiyyat Forum was ‘Remembrance of Allah’ which respected Mawlana Fazle Umar Faruq Sahib presented in the light of the Friday sermon delivered by Hazrat Amirul Mumeneen, Khalifatul Masih Al Khamesh (atba).

Naib Qaid Tarbiyyat MAUK & Nazem Amoomi Masroor Region Mr Mansoor Ahmad made a brief speech on Cardiff Mosque 2024. He urged upon all members to make donation pledge for Cardiff Mosque and pay as per the pledge.

Respected Sadr Sahib Tolworth Jama’at and respected Zaem Sahib made various announcement. Mawlana Fazle Umar Faruq Sahib led silent prayer. The tarbiyyat forum was followed by Iftari before Maghrib Prayer and Dinner after Maghrib Prayer.

Around 75 participants including Khuddam, Lajna, Atfal and Nasirat consisting approximately 20 members of the Majlis Ansarullah attended this tarbiyyat forum.

Report : Mansoor Ahmad, Naib Qaid Tarbiyyat, MAUK.