Q1’s outreach efforts showcased a dynamic commitment to spreading the peaceful message of Islam Ahmadiyyat through various interactive and educational activities across the UK.

  • Community Tabligh Stalls: Numerous stalls were set up in high-traffic areas like Sutton High Street, where members engaged the public through discussions and distributed hundreds of leaflets and books. Noteworthy interactions included discussions with a German Muslim lady who took further reading material to explore Ahmadiyyat more deeply.
  • Engaging Discussions and Literature Distribution: In areas including New Malden, Putney, Burton, and Fazl Mosque, our members facilitated meaningful conversations about the teachings of peace in Islam, handing out literature to enhance public understanding.
  • Educational Outreach: Initiatives in Epsom, Mitcham, and Glasgow focused on theological outreach and community interaction, with discussions often centered around the Existence of God, attracting considerable community participation.
  • Interfaith Collaboration: The “Voices for Peace” campaign was a highlight, bringing together representatives from various faiths to discuss peace’s significance in their respective religions, fostering a sense of community solidarity and mutual understanding.
  • Da’ian ilAllah Classes: These classes were held across multiple regions, focusing on enriching the community’s spiritual knowledge and understanding through in-depth discussions on theological concepts.
  • Special Events: The “Peace Through Unity” New Year Dinner in Glasgow exemplified our dedication to interfaith dialogue, drawing over 200 attendees from different faith backgrounds to discuss unity and peace in the community.

This month’s activities underscored our community’s relentless effort in promoting peace, understanding, and dialogue both within and beyond the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, strengthening bonds through education and mutual respect.